Make Pure Desi Ghee at home

Pure desi ghee

Make Pure Desi Ghee at home

Ghee is the most important ingredient for food preparation in India.It is not only used for food but also for various traditional purposes like during worship etc.
Below are some very easy to follow and my recommended steps to make fresh and pure at home rather than buying it from the stores.

Prep Time :5 mins
Cook Time :45 mins
Total Time : 1hr 

Store in jar


1)Unsalted Butter-2 packs

2)One heavy bottom cooking shallow pan


1)Remove the butter from the cover and cut it into pieces.

2)Add the unsalted butter pieces into the heavy bottomed pan and start the stove.Please be sure that heat should be at the low button.
3)After few minutes of heating, the whole butter will melt.

4)After the step you can see, it starts to form a foam layer on top.To prevent the butter from burning we need to stir it continuously.

5)When all the foam got evaporated and the milk solids go to the bottom.

6)This is the time when we switch off the heat.And the ghee itself had some heat.

7)Let it cool and drain the ghee to remain the milk product on the strainer.
8)Make it cool and store in the dry and clean jar.The pure, fresh and delicious ghee is ready.