Perfect Table setting-Valentine day special

valentines day

Perfect Table setting-Valentine day special

This post is especially for my friends and followers who has been asking me this for a while.As we all know that Valentine's day is around the corner and everyone wants to celebrate it with so much love and fun.So, here is my tip for your special day to make it more special.

The setting of a table can sometimes leave people wondering about the correct placement of flatware, plates, napkins and glassware.

Tip: - Start with the Dinner plate, then arrange the rest of the pieces around it.

  • The dinner plate is positioned in the center of the place setting.
  • The flatware is around the plate, with the forks on the left and the knife and spoon to the right.
  • The dinner fork is placed next to the plate on the left.
  • The knife is placed next to the plate on the right with the blade towards the plate.
  • The spoon is to the right of the knife.
  • The beverage glass goes above the knife.
  • The napkin can place under the forks or on top of the plate.

Wishing everyone very happy valentine's day in advance and hope this tip will be helpful in your special day with your special someone.